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Introducing Mimi (ME-ME)

Mimi is steadfast and driven by the commitments she makes to herself and others. Mostly herself.

She wakes up at 4:30 every morning and dances – channeling her inner Beyonce, Prince, Eminem and old school Kanye (before his Mama Donna West died and left him broken and lost). She lays in bed at 4:30am and doesn’t want to get up. BUT instead of hitting snooze, she wiggles her fingers and toes and awakens her brain and spirit – reminding herself why she is worth it. She gets up and grabs her workout clothes that were laid out the night before and tip toes out to claim HER time.

When Mimi dances, she is transformed from sleepy to ALIVE! She is in active meditation – where all things are possible and intentions are so clear. Obstacles don’t paralyze her when she takes time each morning to actively push the blood through her body.

Mimi knows that her power lies within her energy and that her positive juju is fueled by good food, water, sleep and exercise. Her responsibility to herself and her world is to do what it takes to fuel her positivity.

Mimi sets her intentions and wakes up with a plan. She has a “top 5” for each day (separate from her workout and plan for food) and she doesn’t forget it throughout the day.

Mimi is positive and joyful. She is so positive that it radiates and others want to be part of her world. Her joy is warm and contagious. She is called to share her messages of hope and love and grit. She is REAL and consistently spreads her message of self love and self worth to the world.

Mimi is loving and kind to her family and friends. She is a place of refuge and safety to those who know her. She doesn’t take this lightly and remembers that her mood is something that she can control by recognizing emotions, acknowledging them and moving forward.

Mimi knows that feelings are meant to be felt. ALL of them. She lets them in and doesn’t attempt to numb or quiet them with alcohol, drugs or other distractions. She feels her feelings and is so strong in her purpose that she knows that she can deal with them in healthy ways. She is in control – even when that means letting go of control.

Mimi is a strong woman who cares about people and sees the humanity in others. She is a helper and a caretaker and a person who creates and environment in which others not only are seen, but feel seen and heard. 

Mimi is gratitude in action. She lives in a continual state of pure gratitude and abundance. 

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Kari Shideman

I'm Kari...

and I am a Scorpio of Italian, German and Irish descent who feels things deeply and has shit to say about it.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a cynic, a dreamer, an encourager, a believer in unexpected blessings.

I believe that life is both amazing and brutally hard at times. To be human is to connect with others, and to fully accomplish this, we need to live in the REAL. Life is not meant to go through on the surface level.

My hope is that somehow I will inspire people to dive a little deeper, to laugh a little harder, to live a little more connected.

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