Twenty Years in the Deep

By Kari Shideman | September 29, 2021

Twenty years. Seven thousand, three hundred days. One hundred seventy five thousand, two hundred hours. Ten million, five-hundred twelve thousand minutes ago… I don’t remember what I was doing that night twenty years ago. I like to think that I was basking in the “normalcy” of my mundane mid-twenties life. Was I up watching the…

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Kari Shideman

I'm Kari...

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a cynic, a dreamer, an encourager, a believer in unexpected blessings.

I feel things deeply and have a million words stuck in my soul that need a place to release... so here we are.

I truly believe that the human experience is meant to be shared. Our world has so many tools to try to connect us all, but we all still  live in such disconnection from other human beings. We try to tackle life on our own and that is just not necessary.

I believe that life is both amazing and brutally hard at times. To be human is to connect with others, and to fully accomplish this, we need to live in the REAL. Life is not meant to go through on the surface level.

My hope is that somehow I will inspire people to dive a little deeper, to laugh a little harder, to live a little more connected.

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